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What To Pack For A Tennessee River Cabin Vacation


It can be exciting to plan a Tennessee River cabin vacation for you and your family. The peacefulness and beauty of the area can make for a fantastic time. While you might have picked out the perfect cabin for you and your family to stay for your vacation, you might wonder what exactly you should pack for your trip.

Here are some tips on what to pack for a Tennessee River cabin vacation to ensure you have a great time.

Pack Essentials For The Kitchen

While you might remember to pack fun items like pool toys and hiking trail maps, you might not think about bringing kitchen essentials on your vacation. Many people assume the cabin will have all the essentials they will need for cooking and other basics, but that's not always the case. Check with the cabin owner to see what's provided, but if you want some extras for yourself, you will have to bring them.

For example, make sure to bring any special kitchen tools you will need, like a zester, your favorite spices, your favorite coffee, flour if you like to bake, and even one or two cutting knives. Don't forget to bring your own trash bags for cleanup, dish soap, and paper towels. You can find out ahead of time if the cabin owner has these things, but if you like a particular brand, don't hesitate to bring what you like.

Pack Appropriate Clothing

Even if you plan on heading to the cabin in the summer, it can be a little chilly and damp at times. This means you need to pack the appropriate type of clothing for your trip. This includes shorts and pants, both t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts for summer months, and warm shirts, sweaters, and jackets for the winter.

Don't forget to bring activewear — for example, hiking gear like boots, backpacks, water bottles, hiking sticks, sunglasses, and hats. If you plan to swim in a lake or if your cabin has a pool, bring your swimsuit.

Also, if you plan on going hiking or if you are planning on spending time in the woods, you might want to bring bug spray as well as sunscreen.

Other Items You Might Want

There are other items you might want to bring with you to your Tennessee River cabin vacation. These can include items such as phone chargers and your own laundry detergent — it's possible you might not like what's provided or even have an allergy to it. You will also want to bring your own bathroom essentials, such as soap and body wash, shampoo, and even bubble bath.

If you plan on spending evenings in the cabin, you may want to bring games to play, like video games or board games. You could also bring movies and music players to keep everyone entertained.


9 March 2021