Traveling With Family? Finding Great Places to Stay

Traveling with my kids, parents and spouse is my favorite thing to do. But when it comes to finding lodging once we arrive to our destination, I quickly regret not making better traveling plans ahead of time. It's not fun driving around a new town, city or state looking for a hotel or bed and breakfast when we should be enjoying ourselves instead. After going through this for the last four years, I decided to plan ahead and obtain accommodations early. I have a large family so finding accommodations that fit everyone comfortably is essential. I found a great site online that offers information on almost destination in the United States. That makes it easier to locate hotels in the cities my family visits the most. If you need help finding great places to rest on your travels, read my blog. It'll help you make traveling plans in a snap.

Moving To A New City: Tips For Make Finding A New Home Easier


If you are planning a move to a new city, you have many different problems to juggle. Packing, moving, selling a home, finding a new job or getting to ready to begin a new job all take priority along with trying to find a new place to live in a good area that can meet your needs. If you're feeling overwhelmed about this transition to a new home, here are some tips that might make it easier to find one. 

1. Book an extended stay at a hotel in your new city. 

Some of the stress of moving comes from the pressure of finding a new home, and that stress can lead to hasty decisions where you rent or buy without fully getting to know your new city and what amenities different communities offer. You don't want to be stuck somewhere and wish you had been able to spend more time looking. So, as part of your move, contact a few extended stay hotels. These hotels can give you the roof over your head while you take your time exploring different housing options. Many long term hotel rooms offer increased amenities, like a kitchenette and a closet, that allow you to cook meals and hang up your clothing instead of relying on take-out meals and suitcase living. 

2. Use a storage facility to hold your belongings. 

If you will be staying at a hotel, where will you keep your boxes of belongings and furniture? Contact a storage unit in your new town and store everything until you find the right place. Not only is self-storage a stress reducer, but it can also make moving in easier. You can take trips with a small number of boxes, unpack those in your new home, and then go back for more, which eliminates the usual clutter of move in. 

3. Call a real estate agent to help with your search. 

A real estate agent can help you get to know the new city you live in. Tell the agent what you want in a neighborhood, including school quality, proximity to parks or nightlife, or public transportation. You can use the agent to assist you in your home search, which will help you find a home faster. 

Moving to a new city can be daunting, but if you plan for the transitional period when you're without permanent housing, you can take your time to find the best place for your budget and lifestyle. 


27 May 2019