Traveling With Family? Finding Great Places to Stay

Traveling with my kids, parents and spouse is my favorite thing to do. But when it comes to finding lodging once we arrive to our destination, I quickly regret not making better traveling plans ahead of time. It's not fun driving around a new town, city or state looking for a hotel or bed and breakfast when we should be enjoying ourselves instead. After going through this for the last four years, I decided to plan ahead and obtain accommodations early. I have a large family so finding accommodations that fit everyone comfortably is essential. I found a great site online that offers information on almost destination in the United States. That makes it easier to locate hotels in the cities my family visits the most. If you need help finding great places to rest on your travels, read my blog. It'll help you make traveling plans in a snap.

Questions to Ask When Renting a Cabin in the Mountains


The mountains may look beautiful at a distance, but you will never be able to truly experience them until you decide to rent a cabin in the mountains. If you have never spent time in the mountains before, there are many things you might want to do to prepare yourself for the experience.

Ask Questions

Make sure to ask plenty of questions. For example, you will need to know the type of vehicle that you will need to drive. In some cases, the only practical option is to drive through the mountains using a four-wheel drive vehicle. There are some cabins that are so difficult to reach that homeowners often do not return. In some cases, it might be impossible to reach the cabin and the cabin rental company will need to have a policy for reimbursing you in the event that you are not able to return to your cabin.

Inquire About Your Privacy

One of the advantages of having a cabin in the mountains is that you will finally have privacy. However, you will want to know how far away your cabin will be from other cabins so you can know how much privacy you have. Ask how much vegetation there is because more vegetation will typically provide you with more privacy. Conversely, if you do not mind meeting others enjoying their cabin rentals, it may be a good idea to choose cabins that are closer to other cabins.

Ask About The Amenities

Find out which amenities are provided by the cabin rental company. It is common for cabins to come with a gas grill and a hot tub. However, do not assume that a particular set of amenities are provided. If there is a game room, for example, find out exactly what is in the game room. Also, if there is a hot tub, find out how often it is cleaned.

Where Will The Water Come From?

Find out where your water will be coming from. Having well water can make the stay seem more authentic. Also, many newer cabins are constructed farther away from city limits than older cabins were. However, there are some cases where well water runs dry, so you may need alternative accommodations during this situation. If the cabin is built outside of city limits, it is also possible that the requirements that the cabin is built under are not as strict. However, while there are some hassles, when you find the right cabin, it will be an experience you will never forget.

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27 January 2017