Traveling With Family? Finding Great Places to Stay

Traveling with my kids, parents and spouse is my favorite thing to do. But when it comes to finding lodging once we arrive to our destination, I quickly regret not making better traveling plans ahead of time. It's not fun driving around a new town, city or state looking for a hotel or bed and breakfast when we should be enjoying ourselves instead. After going through this for the last four years, I decided to plan ahead and obtain accommodations early. I have a large family so finding accommodations that fit everyone comfortably is essential. I found a great site online that offers information on almost destination in the United States. That makes it easier to locate hotels in the cities my family visits the most. If you need help finding great places to rest on your travels, read my blog. It'll help you make traveling plans in a snap.

Job Assignment In A Different City: Why A Short-Term Apartment Rental Is Ideal


Are you being temporarily relocated to a different city for a job assignment? Rather than living in a hotel, you may want to consider renting an apartment that has a short-term lease so you can feel more at home. In this article, find out what your options will be if you decide to rent an apartment when you get to the city that your job assignment is in.

What Makes an Apartment Rental Ideal for a Long Distance Job Assignment?

If you will be on your job assignment for a while, living in a hotel can end up being costly. Renting an apartment with a short-term lease will save you money and you will have the comfort of your own home to relax in each day. Although having maids to clean for you is a great perk with extended stay hotel living, it can also become a headache when you don't like being disturbed. Even if you like the idea of having a maid while on assignment, there are some short-term apartment rentals with maids available.

You will also have the option of renting an apartment that is fully furnished, as there is no sense in buying your own furniture when you will only need the apartment temporarily. The extent of furnishings will depend on where you are renting from. It is common for fully furnished apartments to come with all kitchen appliances, as well as items that may include:

  • Beds
  • A washer & dryer
  • Living room furniture
  • A dining table with chairs

You can also get a partially furnished apartment depending on your needs and if you want to buy any of the furniture on your own. The apartment rental will also give you the ability to have your own washer and dryer, rather than having to use a laundry facility at a hotel. The rental will either have washer and dryer hookups so you can rent the appliances, or the actual appliances will already be in the apartment.

How Can Someone Find a Short-Term Apartment Rental?

It is in your best interest to contact a real estate agent when you get to the new location. He or she can discuss your needs and show you apartments that may be of interest. You can also search classified ads to find a suitable short-term apartment rental, and may be able to apply from a distance to make sure it is ready when you arrive. Apartments like Dale Forest Apartments are a great place to start searching. No matter how short your job assignment will be, renting an apartment is the way to go!


24 March 2015